What have AWM been spending our money on?

It’s been a busy few weeks and we’ve fallen a bit behind with picking over AWM’s spending so here’s a list of what they’ve been spending our taxes on. Remember, we have no say whatsoever on how they spend our money.

  • A £450m privately-owned business park in Birmingham
  • A 12-acre site, formerly the home of a supermarket in Birmingham (they don’t know what they’re going to do with it other than “regeneration”)
  • Sign-writing black cabs to say “Welcome to the West Midlands” in Birmingham
  • A £2m loan fund for businesses that have paid asked West Midlands Business Link (a poorly performing AWM quango) to come up with a recovery plan for them
  • Converting a Victorian cottage hospital into apartments and work units in Herefordshire
  • £600k in flood relief for Evesham householders
  • The Festival of Xtreme Building in Birmingham
  • £240k to pilot a scheme giving privately-owned firms vouchers for £3k of higher education
  • £81k grant to a privately-owned machine cutting company in Coventry
  • The Midlands Niche Vehicle Network
  • £63k to companies who used to supply MG Rover
  • “Healthy” vending machines in schools
  • Is all of this a good use of taxpayers money? Who knows? We aren’t allowed an opinion, we are just required to fill their very deep pockets.

The PR Manager of Business Link West Midlands has emailed us to advise that BLWM is giving the recovery plans to businesses for free.